Ocean city events: Boardwalkin for Dogs

boardwalkin_for_petsOcean City Maryland is a lot of fun both for pets and people. That’s why if you’re a pet lover or dog lover get ready for the Boardwalkin  for pets event. The Local Humane Society is sponsoring this pet fundraiser on April 23. Bring your pet down to the OCMD boardwalk. Money raised in this event will be used to help stray animals and animals that need refuge in the no kill shelter. It will also be a lot of fun.

What does the event consist of?

There are three primary things that make up this event

  1. registration which will be at 830
  2.  There will be an actual walk at 9
  3. Most importantly the dog contest will be 10:45

pet_festival_ocean_cityOCMD Dog Contest

 What draws me to this event is to see how much people love their pets and the things they are going to do to compete. The categories are:

  • The biggest dog
  • Small dog category
  • Best Dog Trick category
  • And of course there is my favorite, best dressed dog which I can only imagine how entertaining this is going to be as i have seen some of the outfits people dress their dogs in.

Pinterest dog outfits and Competition Pictures

 What about OCMD cats?

I think bringing a cat to the Ocean City Boardwalk would be a poor idea. That is if you don’t mind if your cat clings to your back with it’s razor sharp claws in fear. Nevertheless there is competition for cutest cat, via a photograph you bring.

Directions to the Ocean City Boardwalkin For Pets dog festival

Here’s an interactive map that shows you where it is you should be able to find it from where you’re at using this is also available on all mobile’s as well as tablets. And your near Mambo Pizza!

Pizza OCMD delivery to you

After the event you don’t have to worry about picking up your pizza. Call Pizza Mambo for delivery of your food all over OCMD or come visit us. You will see why we have the best pizza in Ocean City Maryland. We also have the fastest pizza delivery in OCMD. Look for the Pt Cruisers.


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