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I recently saw an article about the joys of eating pizza for breakfast. No argument here. morning_pizza_ocean_cityAfter a night in OCMD that pizza you had delivered at 8 from Pizza Mambo is still good. Many a night out has ended near sunrise with that second helping of great pizza. Even waking up late morning, reaching for that first cold slice of great pizza is comforting. But I want to put a spin on this early morning pizza

The Ultimate


OCMD Breakfast Pizza

When I say breakfast pizza, a lot of people think of a quiche like concoction with eggs, bacon, and hash rounds on the traditional pizza bread. And that is great BUT it is not a traditional pizza. It is good enough to get it’s own category. What I am talking about is a pizza designed to come around that ultra late night/ ultra late morning pizza time. A pizza for that awkward tradition of staying out too late or waking up way too early. I mean “Real Breakfast Pizza.”

The Real Breakfast Pizza

This pizza will be pizza ordered after 2-3 AM that can double as a bar let out snack or breakfast in the coming hours. This eliminates that need to order breakfast if you go to sleep and wake up around lunchtime. In that case you have the breakfast pizza. So in turn you really are just enjoying your breakfast a little early at 3 AM and have breakfast, brunch, linner,brinner or dinner later in the day. Now that is a breakfast pizza..I think.

And Who Delivers The Latest (or Earliest) In Ocean City Maryland?

ocean city breakfast pizza

Pizza Mambo is your go to for post bar pizza, late night, or early morning pizza. You have seen our custom PT Cruisers zipping around town. Now you know we have you covered for any version of food supply you need including:

pizza_all_hours_delivery_ocmdLate night pizza: 10 PM
Ultra late night pizza: 11 PM-12 PM
Ultra early morning pizza: around 1 AM
Bar let out pizza: probably around 2 AM
Early morning pizza: 3 AM-4 AM
Morning pizza: 6AM-9AM
Brunch: 11 AM-2PM
Lunch: 12AM-2PM
Linner: 11AM-6PM
Brinner: Follows early afternoon wakeup (drink lots of water too) 2PM-7PM
Dinner: 5PM-8PM
Late night snack: 9PM

So who is ready

for some breakfast


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