Cruisin’ Ocean City Car Show

It is one of the biggest car shows you will find in Ocean City Maryland. The Convention car show ocmdCenter plays host to the Cruisin’ Ocean City Car Show. Any one who likes cars, or exhibits about cars will be there.

These are

the muscle cars..


Over 3,000 cars fashioned after a different era will be there including:

  • hot rods
  • Classic muscle cars
  • And of course the original Chrysler PT Cruisers

Of note:

Meet The Most Infamous

Muscle Car In The Movies

Back in the early 1980s a classic Stephen King novel was made into a movie. The movie was about the wicked “Christine,” a possessed, possessive and very evil 1958 P

lymouth Fury. For those who remember, Christine dealt out her own brand of revenge to anyone unlucky enough to cross her path.

Now you can see the original Christine at the Cruisin Car Show and meet the actress from the movie.

The show will also feature:

  • Music
  • Parades
  • Celebrities
  • Exhibitions
  • and more

More About The PT Cruisers

Naturally we at Pizza Mambo are partial to Chrysler Pt Cruisers as we deliver in the Ocean City Pizza Deliverymodernized version of this iconic vehicle. In fact  you see the Purple Pizza Mambo PT’s delivery to OCMD all the way into the wee hours of the morning. We look forward to driving up in one of our PT cruisers to deliver fresh pizza either at the show or at your hotel or rental.

 Take a look at last years show

Here is a clip from the 2015 show. It is a good preview of some of the things you are going to see this year. From a huge parade of cars on the OCMD Boardwalk to the gigantic exhibition of classic vehicles at the convention center, you will run out of time before you run out of things to look at.

Check out the main event site for times, dates and even more detail what to expect at the show.

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