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Pizza In Ocean City For Breakfast

I recently saw an article about the joys of eating pizza for breakfast. No argument here. morning_pizza_ocean_cityAfter a night in OCMD that pizza you had delivered at 8 from Pizza Mambo is still good. Many a night out has ended near sunrise with that second helping of great pizza. Even waking up late morning, reaching for that first cold slice of great pizza is comforting. But I want to put a spin on this early morning pizza

The Ultimate


OCMD Breakfast Pizza

When I say breakfast pizza, a lot of people think of a quiche like concoction with eggs, bacon, and hash rounds on the traditional pizza bread. And that is great BUT it is not a traditional pizza. It is good enough to get...

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The longest pizza ever made and Ocean City, Maryland

[caption id="attachment_603" align="alignright" width="318"]ocmd pizza delivery Fast fresh pizza delivery in Ocean City, Maryland[/caption]

Maybe it did not happen in Ocean City, Maryland, but a pizza story of this magnitude should at least be mentioned. You have seen the news. Maybe you heard it on the radio, but the longest pizza ever made record has been set.

But how big

is this pizza

compared to

Ocean City?

I can give you the number. It is 1.1 miles. Now I will put in that in perspective by comparing it to Ocean City, Maryland. That is about 10% of the distance of one end to the  to another of Ocean City.

That means that If you were at the Ocean City Life...

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Cruisin’ Ocean City Car Show

It is one of the biggest car shows you will find in Ocean City Maryland. The Convention car show ocmdCenter plays host to the Cruisin' Ocean City Car Show. Any one who likes cars, or exhibits about cars will be there.

These are

the muscle cars..


Over 3,000 cars fashioned after a different era will be there including:

  • hot rods
  • Classic muscle cars
  • And of course the original Chrysler PT Cruisers

Of note:

Meet The Most Infamous

Muscle Car In The Movies

Back in the early 1980s a classic Stephen King novel was made into a movie. The movie was about the wicked "Christine," a possessed, possessive and very evil 1958 P

lymouth Fury. For those who remember, Christine dealt out her own brand...

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Pizza: Ocean City Maryland Style

Besides an incredible beach and boardwalk, Ocean City Maryland has the most fantastic pizza that you're going to have in one place. If you like #pizza, #Ocean #City #Maryland is the place for you. Some of the best pizzerias are right here on this little 10 mile strip between the #OCMD Boardwalk and Delaware. One place that offers fantastic incredible pizza is of course… You guessed it, Pizza Mambo.

Pizza Ocean City Maryland ....

[caption id="attachment_603" align="alignright" width="383"]ocmd pizza delivery Fast fresh pizza delivery in the OCMD[/caption]

We are continually rated very high on Trip Advisor and OCMD visitors keep coming back...

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