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Ocean City Maryland: What Is The Strangest Pizza Delivery

ocmd underwater deliveryIn Ocean City Maryland pizza delivery is pretty simple. We get a call. We pull fresh ingredients. We bake the pizza. We load it into the pizza cruiser and off it goes.

Usually the delivery points are pretty predictable. Most pizzas are going to a hotel, a beach rental, the boardwalk,...nothing too strange.

But I read that in other areas pizza delivery isn't always simple. For some people delivering to the after party at the #OCMD hotel or to a hungry family at their #Ocean #City beach rental is just to pedestrian. Here is a list (with some of my commentary of course) of some of the craziest places pizzas were delivered too.

Strangest Pizza Delivery Locations

  • Under the water (that is service)
  • To an airplane ( on the...
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Can Ocean City Maryland Pizza Be Used As Currency?

pizza_ocmd_funny_storyThe title above, asking whether Ocean City Maryland Pizza is as good as money may seem odd but I promised this article will shed some light on this true and interesting phenomenon. Sometimes a story from the pizza universe is too good not to share with the Ocean City Maryland Community. If nothing more than pure morbid curiosity there is no shortage of funny, weird, strange, unusual, and downright wacko stories guessed it pizza.

This is one story that sounds like I am making it up but I will put the link below for you to read. A judge has recently allowed a man to make his child support payments in you guessed

OCMD PIzza Mambo Cruiser =

child support vehicle

I will never look at the OCMD Pizza...

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The longest pizza ever made and Ocean City, Maryland

[caption id="attachment_603" align="alignright" width="318"]ocmd pizza delivery Fast fresh pizza delivery in Ocean City, Maryland[/caption]

Maybe it did not happen in Ocean City, Maryland, but a pizza story of this magnitude should at least be mentioned. You have seen the news. Maybe you heard it on the radio, but the longest pizza ever made record has been set.

But how big

is this pizza

compared to

Ocean City?

I can give you the number. It is 1.1 miles. Now I will put in that in perspective by comparing it to Ocean City, Maryland. That is about 10% of the distance of one end to the  to another of Ocean City.

That means that If you were at the Ocean City Life...

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Cruisin’ Ocean City Car Show

It is one of the biggest car shows you will find in Ocean City Maryland. The Convention car show ocmdCenter plays host to the Cruisin' Ocean City Car Show. Any one who likes cars, or exhibits about cars will be there.

These are

the muscle cars..


Over 3,000 cars fashioned after a different era will be there including:

  • hot rods
  • Classic muscle cars
  • And of course the original Chrysler PT Cruisers

Of note:

Meet The Most Infamous

Muscle Car In The Movies

Back in the early 1980s a classic Stephen King novel was made into a movie. The movie was about the wicked "Christine," a possessed, possessive and very evil 1958 P

lymouth Fury. For those who remember, Christine dealt out her own brand...

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Ocean city events: Boardwalkin for Dogs

boardwalkin_for_petsOcean City Maryland is a lot of fun both for pets and people. That's why if you're a pet lover or dog lover get ready for the Boardwalkin  for pets event. The Local Humane Society is sponsoring this pet fundraiser on April 23. Bring your pet down to the OCMD boardwalk. Money raised in this event will be used to help stray animals and animals that need refuge in the no kill shelter. It will also be a lot of fun.

What does the event consist of?

There are three primary things that make up this event

  1. registration which will be at 830
  2.  There will be an actual walk at 9
  3. Most importantly the dog contest will be 10:45

pet_festival_ocean_cityOCMD Dog Contest

 What draws me...

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