Can Ocean City Maryland Pizza Be Used As Currency?

pizza_ocmd_funny_storyThe title above, asking whether Ocean City Maryland Pizza is as good as money may seem odd but I promised this article will shed some light on this true and interesting phenomenon. Sometimes a story from the pizza universe is too good not to share with the Ocean City Maryland Community. If nothing more than pure morbid curiosity there is no shortage of funny, weird, strange, unusual, and downright wacko stories guessed it pizza.

This is one story that sounds like I am making it up but I will put the link below for you to read. A judge has recently allowed a man to make his child support payments in you guessed it…pizza.

OCMD PIzza Mambo Cruiser =

child support vehicle

I will never look at the OCMD Pizza Mambo PT Cruisers again. All the time I might be thinking, is that pizza for the after party, or is it child support. Maybe that pizza is going to the late night bar crowd, or maybe it’s August’s support payment.

A few other questions

What if the pizzas are late, do they count as less child support. I mean a fresh hot Pizza Mambo pizza counts more than a less fresh pizza from somewhere else (I am a tad biased).

Are Toppings Currency Too?

Do pizzas with more toppings count as more of the support payment, or is it just a flat rate per pizza. I need to know so if someone calls I have the right amount of child support baked up for them:)

Can you pay your lawyer fees

in pizza?

Do the divorce lawyers involved here get their fees in pizza? Hey the judge said pizza was like cash, so the sky is the limit.

ocean city maryland pizzaAm I sitting on a hard currency

gold mine?

Can I start paying for things with my Pizza Mambo pies? When I bake them, am I printing currency

hey..i have to ask:)

here is the link to the original article


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